Shrimp myths – firstly..

Shrimp don’t swallow.

Come on people – the amount of comments made about shrimp swallowing is astounding…just does not happen OK.


Seafood is an “under developed market”…..

“Opens up possibility to disrupt a whole category”….they say. What a load of tosh…

Aquaculture disrupted the seafood category and now supplies over 50% of seafood.

These sort of stories are more like riding on the coat-tails of aquaculture’s success.

Of course if your baseline is zero a small increase is still a huge growth.

But can other protein sources grow over 7% per year for 30 plus years and with no end in sight – like aquaculture has done? 

Water testing for shrimp export processing…

In the shrimp industry water is used in handling and processing post harvest.

Municipal drinking water quality levels are required. Even glaze water which can be up to 30% weight exported needs to be food safety quality. (with no super-bugs).

Shipping water around world needs also to be tackled but that is for another topic.

Standards have metal detectors for master cartons but here is one for checking metals on water used and exported.