BBC News: Salmon farming giant Mowi probed over chemical use

When it gets to BBC News level then the shit has really hit the fan..

BBC News – Salmon farming giant Mowi probed over chemical use


To suck or not to suck….tales that relate.

Lets apply this to shrimp. Its not prawnographic but in Spain the market sells more of heads-on shrimp that any other offering.

However market research shows that when people eat out in Spain they are not so keen on head sucking. They prefer to do this in the privacy of their own homes. Main reason is risk of getting shrimp all over clothes and fingers.

Heads-on shrimp reflects a quality to discerning seafood markets like that of Spain that there has been no processing of the product and that the quality is of a higher standard.

Waiting for the definitive report.

Controlled study links processed food to increased calorie consumption | EurekAlert!

Interesting. NOVA classification used.

Even frozen & packaged shrimp are processed shrimp – but necessary for safety and preservation.

Ultra processed shrimp are those onwards from peeling and with additive use.

That’s a thought – maybe additives in processed foods causing increased calorie consumption.

Rabobank: China-US trade war to shift reprocessing landscape. But only to other geographical locations?? Here I am thinking opportunity for the rise in robotic seafood reprocessing technology closer to market.

….and yes I would start with shrimp.

Currently very labour intensive, except in cwp.

It’s not just fish, plastic pollution harms the bacteria that help us breathe – Macquarie University

“…exposure to chemicals leaching from plastic pollution interfered with the growth, photosynthesis and oxygen production of Prochlorococcus, the ocean’s most abundant photosynthetic bacteria,”

…albeit in lab conditions but plastics issues are much more than just the macro visible stuff we can see….