Don’t look here but…

If you’re looking to take part in the global seafood consolidation game, either as a buyer or a seller, you need to understand who the main players are.

You can get that information at Undercurrent here

Global seafood is one thing.

Shrimp aquaculture is a different game.


Keystone Dialogues


Eventually to police via yet more standards? ( Can’t resist here…rename them the Keystone Cops 🙂 )

How a small minority of powerful actors want to do the above to a majority of smaller actors.

This is scary.

Just the name of the program SeaBOS reflects the nature of the agenda. Somewhere in their they need to add an S at end…with a Y after even.

Led by feed and salmon people with parallels to aquaculture dialogues. 

Shrimp farming (unlike salmon – unconsolidated and very diverse) should try to resist being pulled into this kind of dialogue. 

Majority of “smaller actors” should get offered observer status – lest recommendations and lobbying is carried out against their benefit. 

But then again who is the audience?

This seems to be mostly about “oceans”. 

Interestingly a lot is talked about “raw materials” from the Oceans – so this is seems much more about an aquaculture thrust than a fisheries approach.

By no means does this minority group represent shrimp farming. Shrimp farming ( nowadays) is in the main responsible in its raw material sourcing. Otherwise market access is harder. 

Of course some major players and regions gave this very industry bad press.

Several things need to be made clear. So some points:

Fishing is exploitation of a natural resource. Aquaculture is creating a resource.

Fishing is hunting not carried out on any COP protein on the planet anymore. 
Aquaculture is husbandry to be done in a civilized fashion.

Salmon are sentient fish and fall under specific welfare requirements.
Shrimp are not deemed sentient for markets. Diffeent welfare requirements.

Aquaculture (at least shrimp) needs to be decoupled from fishing the Seas, Oceans and all those initiatives. Currently lumped in all under seafood.

Shrimp farmers can and are leading the way (as they have oft done). 

Although a larger volume producer and more valuable sector than salmon shrimp farmers are “small actors”.

Not sure why certain (non fishing) companies are involved unless just afraid of missing out? Probably that is the feed side.

Here are Prawnmaster views – someone has to put this down…..

Damage Limitation – laying down regulatory proposals for future. Who knows better than those that hunt fish currently. Oh but by the way it will still take 10 years.
Media Manipulation – well we need to show we care about stewardship, plastics, and that we are responsible actors not just powerful.
Guilt trip – yes we got to where we are by exploiting the ocean resources, not to mention slave labour. Now we repent.
Building barriers – got away with it, became a powerful actor, now keep out others. Just lets get a Chinese entity on board first.
Politics – trying to sway influence regulatory direction. Lots of big name glam events to get traction in right places.