Brunei calls for BT investment

Along with New Caledonia Brunei is where the exotic Mexican Blue Shrimp (P. Stylirostris is grown).

BT aquaculture upgrade makes sense.

Has the Integrated Aquaculture BT project in Brunei failed to provide growth? Would investors have to abide by IA genetic technology or is this a raising money push for the current BT project by IA at Brunei DOF?


Hendrix Bangladesh BT

With MOU signed for BT lets hope they concentrate on this species.

Suggestion is to look at Indicus also. Grows fast to 12g. Perfect size HOSO for Chinese market. Too small for European market unless peeled to compete with ocean caught. Indicus is local. Easy to reproduce.

Do not introduce SPF vannamei unless into biosecure RAS facilities.

MPEDA India starts BT Monodon Shrimp

Good to see that India has taken advice and has a BT seed program.

Now to see same with Indicus shrimp.

Brunei ramping up BT to China

Link here